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Large bbPress install on Pagely

  • bigskyry


    We are evaluating a move to an enterprise hosting environment at Pagely and are encountering some issues with bbPress performance there. We are currently on an E1 with 16 PHP workers at Kinsta, and the action of posting to the forums (our slowest action) takes 8-15 seconds depending on server load.

    At Pagely, the post query takes at least 30 seconds and the browser usually times out (60 sec) before everything finishes up and returns the topic page to the user.

    We’ve been analyzing with Pagely engineers and have learned this:

    Because Pagely uses an RDS, and bbPress uses a whole series of queries that require multiple calls and answers to/from the RDS, communications latency is a huge problem that makes our bbPress install non-functional in this environment. In contrast to Kinsta, where the database is local and not remote.


    Anyone have guidance on getting a large bbPress forum (100k+ topics, 1M+ replies) to run fast in an RDS environment?

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