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Keymaster cannot Edit, Close, Stick, Merge Trash or Spam forum posts

  • dasped


    Hi all,

    New install: WordPress 3.5.1 MU joint Network with x7 Mapped domains

    New install: Buddypress 1.6.4 Running all sites on Dynamix WP/BP theme

    New install: BBPress 2.2.4 With Network & Group forums configured.

    Buddypress has been installed ‘without’ the discussion forums tab enabled.

    <code>define( ‘BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG’, true );</code> Is located in wp-config.

    Other plugins installed all network enabled:  WP SEO (Yoast), WPMU Domain Mapping, Ultimate coming soon page & Join my multisite.

    Followed all Buddypress and BBPress latest instructions to the letter!

    I can create new forums, and group forums with no problems. All forums and groups are traceable throughout all MU sites with no problems and I have used bp-custom-php with;


    /* This fixes the MULTIBLOG avatar problem */

    function nfm_bp_avtar_upload_path_correct($path){

    if ( bp_core_is_multisite() ){

    //   $path = ABSPATH . get_blog_option( BP_ROOT_BLOG, ‘upload_path’ );

    $path = ABSPATH . ‘wp-content/uploads/’;


    return $path;


    add_filter(‘bp_core_avatar_upload_path’, ‘nfm_bp_avtar_upload_path_correct’, 1);


    function nfm_bp_avatar_upload_url_correct($url){

    if ( bp_core_is_multisite() ){

    $url = get_blog_option( BP_ROOT_BLOG, ‘siteurl’ ) . “/wp-content/uploads”;


    return $url;


    add_filter(‘bp_core_avatar_url’, ‘nfm_bp_avatar_upload_url_correct’, 1);


    To carry user and group avatars throughout all networks.

    Problem being, once a forum post is created I’ as keymaster cannot Edit, Close, Stick, Merge Trash or Spam “Any” forum posts. The page just refreshes without any actions taking place.

    I have read two other posts relating to this similar/same issue, one from over a year ago, and one from as little as two weeks ago, both without solution, one without any replies.

    Further to the above, I have noted that BBPress is not sending emails out on replies to forum posts with the Notify me of follow-up replies via email tab checked.

    I sincerely hope someone may be able to help shed some light on this issue as it is really going to render my project useless if I can’t manage to resolve it.

    I’m happy to offer a bbpress admin, administrative access to my site if they feel they may be able to assist in some way.

    Here’s hoping .. !




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  • dasped


    OK, so, I have established that ‘Group’ forum posts are good to go and I can edit them! (bbPress is still not mailing but that’s perhaps just an issue in itself)

    This issue seems to have shown its face on numerous occasions in the last three years looking into older posts, but as of yet I have not found any answers vis such posts.

    Really appreciate ‘any’ information anyone can give me to further my troubleshooting. I don’t want to be beaten!


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