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Key Master error after 2.3.1 upgrade

  • Kaenim


    Edit – Sorry, the latter error was because I missed part of my functions.php code to comment out. Editing accordingly.

    I’ve been using the following code, originally found in my functions.php to change “Key Master” to “Administrator”:`function my_custom_roles( $role, $user_id, $user_role ) {
    if( $role == ‘Key Master’ )
    return ‘Administrator’;

    return $role;

    add_filter( ‘bbp_get_user_display_role’, ‘my_custom_roles’, 10, 3 );`

    Which returns the error: “Warning: Missing argument 3 for my_custom_roles() in /home/kaenim/public_html/test/wp-content/themes/bsky/functions.php on line 216” above my avatar.

    Does anyone know what this “argument 3” is, or how I could modify this code to work in 2.3.1? I’d ask in the original discussion, but it’s several months old and to be honest, I’m simply not aware of what bbPress’ forum policy is regarding reviving old topics; I figured making a new topic would be best.

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