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Kakumei Template Design Help

  • 1. I am making some graphic changes to the Kakumei template. I am somwhat familiar with css but am not sure how to find the one that has the gray bars for “Topics – Add New” and “Main Theme”. I want to change the colors of the bars.

    2. Also; I would like to remove the gray background box for the search bar. Can that be done? I am currently working on the header color in PS. The one that is there now was just a test and the next one will be solid and not gradated.

    3. Where can I find the file to change the “Home Design Sense Interior Decorating & Design” to be able to change it’s color. It will need to be lighter to work with the new color.

    The forum –


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  • Hi Petehd,

    Everything you can find it in the file

    1) You can find in the 683 line of the css file (background-color)

    2) Remove the background-color in the line 109

    3) You can find it in the line 106

    3.1) the sub-title in the line 89

    You can ask me any other cuestions in my forum ;)



    quicoto, thanks for the answers.

    A few last questions (before I check out your forum)…

    1. Can I replace the gradated color band on the header and use my own Photoshop design?

    2. I can make a header if I have the size. I made one for our blog (b2evo):

    3. What would the new image replace and what file would it go into?

    4. And I would like to move the search box. How and what file?



    Hey John,

    1. Sure you can. Replace this image and you’re done

    2. You mean add the blog logo? You can add anything you want. You can do it in the header.php file of your theme

    3. I’m not sure of what are we talking about in this 3th point :P

    4. You can find the search box in the header.php file arround the line 33 I guess. Look for the function

    <?php search_form(); ?>

    Then place it where you want.



    1. Here is what I found at 683; but I am not sure this is it:

    #latest th, #forumlist th, #favorites th {

    text-align: left;

    background-color: rgb(102, 102, 102);

    font: 11px Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;

    font-weight: normal;

    padding: 5px 9px;

    color: rgb(255, 255, 255);


    How do I change it to a hex color code?

    2 & 3. The existing image is just a thin color bar that I guess is repeated to fit across the top as the header if I am correct. It’s the url you have posted above.

    Can I just replace that with a full size jpeg that fits acroos the entire header? If so; what size does the jpeg need to be?





    Instead of color: rgb(255, 255, 255); just use color: #FFFFFF; or color: white;

    For the image, you are correct. That’s a thin slice that is tiled horizontally. That’s useful for different browser sizes and screen resolutions.

    For the size of a jpeg, you need to know how wide your overall layout is going to be, then make it so it fits. The width of the kakumei layout is 760px I believe, so make an image 760px wide and see how it fits. You may need to adjust padding and margins, or even the image size, but start at 760px and see how it lines up.

    @Petehds: looks like @chrishajer already answered you :)


    I am testing to see what size and how large the header should be but; it is repeating. Don’t know if the repeat is created becuase the size of my header is too small? How do I change that and make it fit and how to get rid of the white lettering title that is there.

    Here is the site:


    Also; how do I move the search box and palce it above the ‘hot tags’ ?



    One topic per topic please. You’re switching gears on us here making it hard to help.

    It’s repeating because of this rule in the CSS:

    background-repeat: repeat-x;

    In the #wrapper section. That says “repeat the image horizontally:, which is what’s happening. Remove that line and it won’t be repeated (or maybe you need to change it to background-repeat: no-repeat).

    Then you need to position it.

    This isn’t really bbPress specific just, just basic HTML and CSS.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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