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Just a white page after installation – anything I can do?

  • Well, it’s not quite that simple.

    I installed bbpress and was pleased that it worked well with my Weaver II theme. Then I felt I wanted more of a “social network” so installed buddypress on top of that. Then I realized bbpress was included with buddypress, so I uninstalled them both and just installed buddypress. I was finding buddypress to be a bit confusing – not to mention slow – and it didn’t work well with my Weaver theme, so I uninstalled it and installed just bbpress again.

    When I was done, I was left with just a white page when visiting my site.

    I’m guess there are some things left in my database from the previous installation pointing to some page or something which no longer exists?

    I uninstalled bbpress for now and can see my site with the Weaver II theme again. But anything I can do to get bbpress working again?



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  • Well, I tried installing it again, and this time it works.

    Do I just use shortcodes from the docs to add links to wherever they are needed? For example, after re-installing it is the forums (in fact it’s the forums from before I deleted them). But there is no UI to them. Should I just add a shortcode to a page which appears in the primary menu in the header to get going? Is that what most people do?



    Have a read of the doc’s here

    And the shortcodes you can add to WordPress pages here

    Hi. I have been reading the docs, and did look over the shortcodes. But they didn’t really answer my question which is why I posted.

    Is it standard practice to have to use the shortcodes to display the forums and other stuff to members?

    In other words, what I’m trying to clarify is what is the best practice to set up. It’s not automatic and we must use the short codes? Or is that only happening because of the the theme I’m using?



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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