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I've found exactly the theme i would like…

  • Hi all,

    i’ve recently found exactly the theme i would like for my bbpress… it’s the theme used for buddypress forum ( ) is there someone who have one that looks like this one or know where i could have this one?


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  • Look for the theme called bb-org. I saw it linked somewhere, just can’t find it right now



    Rohan, I think orizine wants the BuddyPress forum theme, which isn’t available.

    orizine, the current forum theme, bbOrg, which Rohan was talking about, is available through bbShowcase:

    Keep in mind that that theme probably isn’t updated with the latest bbPress v1.0 theme changes, but it should be easy to make those changes.

    yep, I’m interresting by forum theme cause it is full tableless, and really fine ;) exactly what i’m looking for…

    I’ve done one but i’m really not a good devellopper, and code is really not perfect…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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