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Issues Getting bbPress Started

  • Tranny


    I run a very busy site. I installed and activated bbPress using my admin account, but upon activation, instead of seeing a welcome screen, I received an error message stating that I did not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Returning back to the admin area, I did not find any “Forum” links under Settings or anywhere else.

    I searched support forums here for help, but found nothing of help. I did however find a suggestion in another thread to log in with a different admin account to see if Forum links would be available there. I gave another account Admin privileges, made sure it also has Keymaster privileges, logged in with it, and found Forum links there. However, when I tried to access them, I once again got the error message that I did not have sufficient privileges to access that page.

    I also read in another thread to try logging in with another admin account, remove Keymaster privileges from my main admin account, and then give Keymaster privileges back to the main account. I did all that, logged in with the main account and – nothing. I still don’t see any Forum links.

    TL;DR – I can’t get bbPress started in any way. Considering that WP is such an easy to use platform with everything essentially working out of the box, I found it strange that a plugin that is listed as top featured WP plugin would be so difficult to get going, let alone use. What’s going on?

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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