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Issues between WP, bbPress, LearnDash, Group Registration, (maybe) WooCommerce

  • robbinwisdomway


    WP version: 4.8.2
    bbPress version: 2.5.14

    Even working with an experienced developer, we are at a dead-end with trying to get working a function essential to our online courses (without ditching all of the plug-ins and having a platform built from the ground-up), that has to do with group registration of group leaders without the leaders having to pay for all of the seats for their students; those teachers (or admin) being able to set them up on the back-end as a group leader and then be able to assign anyone to them as a group leader; and the group leader/admin having the ability to set up private forums for each group leaders when they need a private forum. And, finally, that this same group leader will be able to have several ongoing but separate groups of students who will be taking the course with him/her.

    I’ve also sent this query as a support ticket to WisdmLabs (the group registration plug-in we purchased that, at this point, doesn’t have the features we need), and LearnDash as the course platform.

    What we need from this query: any possible solutions or help pinpointing where we need to look next. Any help/ideas you can provide will be GREATly appreciated. And time is important as we’ve already had queries for group registrations with the ability to host private forum discussions and we can’t help them until this issue is solved.

    Here’s a list of functions/features we need and the issues we’ve encountered.
    • Group leaders to be able to register singly (we want to offer the course to leaders at no cost or low cost), and then when their students register, to be able to assign the students to them as a group leader.
    • Group leader to have the ability to create and moderate private discussion forums with their students. (They would have access to the general course forums that are visible to anyone who has registered for the course, but the leader, at his/her discretion, could create a private forum area for only those registered students whom they “allow” in.)
    • Students to be able to register for a course as a single user (we can offer these users, who have indicated who their group leader is, a coupon code provided to the group leader to share with the students who will be taking the course with them). Currently, there is no way on the back-end to assign students who register singly to a particular group leader. And, there is no way currently for that group leader to set up private forums for their students.

    The way the current group registration plug-in works we have installed (by WisdmLabs), the group leader has to purchase all of the “seats” both for themselves and for any student they want to register. Yet, NONE of the teachers who are currently interested in our first course are in a position to purchase on behalf of their students.

    How can we allow teachers/group leaders to:
    • register as any other single user would (or have a portal for this because someone has created a plug-in!)
    • have us set up (or the group leader set up) that leader as a course group leader on the back-end
    assign students who have registered using a distinctive coupon to a group leader
    • allow group leaders (or admins) to create a private course forum for any group that they are leading?

    What are we missing? Many thanks for any insight you can provide!

    Robbin Whittington

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  • Robin W


    hmm….lots in there, I presume the post here is related to need private group forums.

    my private groups plugin could help with that, but you may need some bespoke integration for learndash.

    anyway have a look at the plugin and come back if needed.

    Private groups

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