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Issue with Topics

  • Justinoperable


    I am fairly miserable at web design, so I did the visuals and had another person do the bulk of the code and technical stuff for my website. I have a WordPress site with forums on the site using bbPress. My issue is that I seem to only be capable of having 5 topics in the forum at any given time. At the top it will indicate it is showing topics 1-5 of 8, but there is no link to any page where the older topics can be found. It’s fairly useless to have a Forum where only the most recent 5 topics can be seen. So my question is, is there a simple fix I am overlooking, or is this more likely something the person I had work on the site previously set up aside from bbPress? The site is live, and can be seen here:

    Black Flag Games Forums

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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