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Issue with the Plugin WPML Multilingual CMS

  • Gokuuu


    Hey guys, i’ve installed the BBpress plugin last version 2.5.3 and i had nothing in the dashboard, no tab, nothing related to BBpress.

    I’ve deactivated all my plugins and set up basic wordpress theme.
    I figured out that once i activate WPML Multilingual CMS, the three tabs related to BBpress : forums, topics and replies disappear from the dashboard…but i can still access to the forums, the pages are still available, because i’ve created it so i could test, the only issue is that if i want to create new category or anything else, i need to deactive my WPML plugin so the BBpress tabs appears again, and then reactivate and so on…

    I can’t run my website without the WPML Multilingual CMS plugin because i run a multilingual ecommerce and most of my contents is translated in two languages…

    So just wanted to let you know the issue in case it was unknown, and you might know what i can do for it ?

    Meanwhile i would have to found another forum plugin 🙁

    Thanks in advance and Have a nice day 🙂

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