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Issue with search for multilingual bbpress forums

  • ohmygod88


    Hi guys,

    I tried out bbpress recently and I am developing a multilingual website with polylang. Everything is working well and I created two forums with one for English and one for Chinese.

    However, the search function for bbpress seems to only work for the default English forum even tho the user is on Chinese or English state of the website.

    I tried to switch to the default templates but the issue is still there.

    Does anyone have this issue and how do you solve it?

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  • ohmygod88


    Just to update on my research regards to my issue.

    I noticed that during the search process it is looking for a term_id which belongs to the English language. I also noticed that the search URL is always without the language identifier, I am suspecting that without the language identifier the search function could not search for the correct set of data.

    Does anyone know how to add language identifier into the search URL?

    My URL for Chinese language is having the prefix ‘zh’.




    I tried changing the settings in Polylang to remove language prefix in the URL and everything is working now.

    However, may I know if I wish to have ‘zh’ in the URL as prefix then how do I approach to solve the issue? I believe the issue is caused by the language prefix which bbPress does not recognize it by default.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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