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Is this the correct url structure?

  • marky2772


    Hi All,

    I have just added bbPress 2.3.2 to my wordpress site but I am unsure as to whether or not I have set up the forum correctly. wanted to add a discussion forum to my wordpress site so I added a new forum in bbPress called “What Cameras Best Forum”.

    My question is should the url display to take me to to the landing page of the forum or should it display (as it is now) like this:

    If it is correct then how do i remove the “add topic” box on whats supposed to be my forum landing page.

    I have seen this question asked a few times but the responses range so apologies if I am repeating a question.

    On a side note I found logging into this forum to be a bit of pain, I entered my wordpress username and password but the forum kept telling me to log in to post…

    Many thanks in advance.

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  • Shmoo


    You probably have a misunderstanding of the word Forum and Forums it happens a lot.

    A Forum is a common name for a support forum like we have at WordPress of bbPress or any other website online. They all call the page Forum or Support or Community.
    But a Forum can also be ONE single item like a category inside other Forums. Thats why the landing-page you’re looking for is: ( list all forums together )

    But you can make your own landing-page by going into WordPress backend and Add a New Page + paste one of those Shortcodes to make it more easy.

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