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Is this a bug or am I being a pleb? (bb_new_topic_forum_dropdown())

  • Hellweaver666


    I’m using BBPress 1.0 alpha and working on a new theme almost completely from scratch.

    I have added the post_form() function to my front-page.php template file as I want to allow people to start a new topic direct from the home page.

    Naturally, this requires people to be able to select a target forum for their post and the post-form.php template contains the bb_new_topic_forum_dropdown() function which is supposed to show the drop down list, however for some reason it doesn’t appear. The code around it shows ok, so it’s not a problem with the if statement that checks if we’re on the homepage or not…

    So… is that a bug in BBPress that needs to be submitted to trac or am I doing something that I shouldn’t be doing?

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  • _ck_


    You’re adding post_form() ?

    That’s not enough.

    Look inside post-form.php

    <label for="forum_id"><?php _e('Pick a section:'); ?>
    <?php bb_new_topic_forum_dropdown(); ?>

    I’m actually seeing this happen where on the HOME page it doesn’t show the drop down, but on New Topic it does…

    This appears to happen in the 0.8.x codebase as well. I just never noticed it till now.

    I’m still digging deeper.

    This may be related to this bug…

    Basically if you have any template functions that depend on bb_get_forums_hierarchical() then you can’t have more than one of them on a page… so for example, any pages that show the hierarchical forums list and then also show bb_new_topic_forum_dropdown() will fail.

    Diff to fix included in the ticket.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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