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Is there a way to add a pre-existing forum to a new group?

  • Erlend


    I have a forum section that’s already populated with quite a few posts. Thing is it would make a lot more sense for this forum to be part of a new group I’d like to make for it. So how would I go about associating an old forum with a new group, instead of creating a new forum for that group?

    I basically want to do what I can already do for old group forum imports with “Repair BuddyPress Group Forum relationships” in the Tools section, except now I want to “Create new Group Forum relationship”.

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  • Hmmm… Another request for this feature…

    I’m still not familiar enough with BuddyPress to decide where this should be implemented, that said though wouldn’t this be more of a BuddyPress enhancement:
    …when creating a new group have the option to create a new forum or select an existing forum…



    I guess. The two are so closely intertwined now that there are some big grey zones materializing 😛

    We would definitely make sure the bbPress tools would support maintaining ‘BuddyPress Group Relationships’ and #2089 might even end up defining which direction is taken.

    It could also be done in bbPress as a ‘Moderation Tool’ to bulk move topics/replies that includes BuddyPress Groups support which is already planned for future bbPress Moderation Tools.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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