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Is there a plugin that keeps an Active Threads list?

  • barchiola


    Is there a plugin that keeps an “Active Threads” list?

    Is there a plugin to list in real time threads with new posts?

    I saw that @mentioning is possible

    Is it necessary to add “buddypress” features to a bbPress forum site?

    Will the WordPress layout and colors automatically transfer to a new bbPress install making everything match right off the bat?

    First impressions, I’m liking bbPress more than SimplePRess just because I can access the help forums and so some quality learning before having to spend any money. 🙂


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  • I just moved your topic as it really has nothing to do with the other topic.

    You shouldn’t need a plugin to do that, simply browse to and you’ll have a list of the most recent topics or topics with replies sorted by freshness.

    As for colours, that will depend upon the theme, if the theme includes customised templates for bbPress then typically yes, if it does not you’ll end up with the some default colors bbPress sets for you in this case.

    There are lots of docs here to browse also

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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