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Is the bbpress login and WP login the same?

  • jstuts5797


    Hello there… I’m not sure what I”m wanting to do is possible… or maybe it is with the correct plugin. But basically I want to know if a visitor logs in through the wordpress login does this also log them into the forum as well.. and vice versa? I want my site to basically be a community. Meaning to do or see just about anything (including the forums). You need to register for the site. I want one simple registration, login, log out, ect that will register users for both the site and the forum all in one. Does this make any sense? I don’t want users to have to create a wordpress account then ALSO create a separate account for the forums. Is this the way it works out of the box? If not is there a way to do this? Thanks in advance for all your help!

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  • locutus1


    I had a lot of trouble getting registration to work on my site until someone told me my host doesn’t support “membership plugins” which I think means I can’t make login and register pages with short-code like [bbp-login]. So to log people in I just use the default WordPress login. I put “/wp-admin” at the end of my domain to load the page. Then I made a custom link to load it and did the same for register and reset password. Now people can log in and post.

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