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Is it safe?

  • Danishsard


    Hello, I will add the code add_post_type_support (‘topic’, ‘thumbnail’) to the functions file; is it safe if guests can post and post topics on my forum?

    Guests will not have access to add images on the site? Because they can now post topics and write answers

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  • Robin W


    depends on what you mean by safe?

    in virus terms, it is as safe as allowing guests to comment on posts. On saving, WordPress checks for code, but there is never 100% guarantee.

    The revolution slider plugin was the route used to get the Panama Papers, but it has to be said that there firewall was crap, so you can never consider WordPress to be 100% secure.

    The most common issue is spam and links to bad sites – expect to get these and need to keep an eye out for them.



    I mean, if somehow the guest has access to add an image then or there is none – because such a thing is in the administrative panel of the page and whether through the form of writing a topic in the forum the guest does not have access to attach an image when I add such a function

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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