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Is it possible to use plugin feature in functions ?

  • akgt


    Hi guys I was wondering if its possible to use plugin features inside functions instead of having 7-8 plugins to do minor things like
    User Online status
    Tick notify

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  • Robin W


    you could move the plugins into the functions file if you really wanted to

    it would all look very confusing and be very difficult to maintain
    you might have to alter some code to stop conflicts
    it would have no effect on speed, a function is a function wherever it runs
    you would lose any updates for the plugins

    generally not a good idea 🙁

    Most of these features are part of my plugin GD bbPress Toolbox Pro. The plugin is optimized for low memory use and speed, so it will add a lot of standard forum features, with very little overhead. If you are interested, check it out here:

    Putting a lot of features (especially complex ones) into the fucntions.php file is a very bad idea. Functions file is made to be used by the theme, but over years, it is used for all sorts of things that are not theme related. It is nightmare to maintain or to transfer to new theme.



    Thanks Robin, If it wont make any difference to speed and have less issues.

    Hi Milan considering all the features are available for free in other plugins I dont think GD bbPress Toolbox Pro Is a good option the price is really high for what it is, you should add more options in the free model and drop the price on the pro.

    I also don’t think this is a good way to push your product on people you should sometime try and help it topic it will work better IMO.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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