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Is it possible to use bbPress without WordPress

  • Veseliq


    Hey guys,

    I’m here to find a forum that I can integrate in a website I develop in my free time ( I need absolutely minimalistic forum software with i18n support and basically that’s most of it. But I’m not interested in WordPress, for now.

    So, in one sentence – is it possible to integrate bbPress and create single sign-on, without WordPress at all? Have someone done it? Are there tutorials on the sign system of bbpress?

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  • No.

    That is less than one sentence, bbPress requires WordPress as everything bbPress is stored within WordPress’ database tables, it does not use its own database tables for anything including user login, registration and management.

    You don’t need to show WordPress ‘blog’ pages on the homepage and you can make bbPress the ‘homepage’ essential a page on your current site.

    You would have to look at how you could integrate single sign on for your current users with WordPress.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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