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Is it possible to rearrange display order of posts in a thread?

  • Erlend


    I’ve been giving some thought to bbPress as a Q/A platform (also relates to the P2 discussion) and one problem came to mind: You can’t always tell from the beginning of a query whether you’re best served with an open-ended discussion or a ‘best-in-the-bunch’ answer placed on top, StackOverflow style. Sometimes a definitive answer will emerge, while other times a linear discussion read from top to bottom constitutes the complete answer.

    I think by default you should always get the linear discussion, but it’d be great if there was a button that said “Show best answers first”. One way to solve this could be if threads allowed reordering posts based on certain parameters, in this case ‘descending order’ (post id) versus ‘best answers first’ (number of votes).

    For example:

    Post 1 (question)

    Post 2

    Post 3

    Post 4


    Post 1 (question)

    Post 3 (5 votes)

    Post 4 (2 votes)

    Post 2* (0 votes, *might be hidden)

    Can bbPress 2.0 do this?

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