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is it possible for me to recreate the forums?

  • Adam


    I see you have functions and what not and already specified ways of calling the forum data from the database into specified ways of displaying the topic and the replies or the forum and its topics. The question is, is there enough api in the core bbpress for me to say, instead of laying out the forums this way I am going to re-write them from the ground up and display them my way.

    or would you recommend just using css to make my changes?

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  • John James Jacoby


    This totally depends on what possible custom data you need from the database, and what you’re comfortable doing. Basically, the question is too vague, and doesn’t give me enough of an idea of what you actually need to do.



    think of it this way: WordPress comes with two themes when you install it. 2010 and 2011. you can go out and get new ones or modify this one. what if you want your own. You write it from the ground up.

    This is what I wan’t to do with bbpress – a “theme” so to speak. So that when you install bppress you can “use as default” or “click to enable this look” (which in my case would be on by default) how would I achieve this? pure css?

    what if I wanted to create a new “display forums” template or a new “login” template? is there documentation on “themeing bbpress?” and making that theme the default? Hope that makes better sense….

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    Sorry for the double post. I don’t see the edit button. I guess its disabled after a certain amount of time? any ways essentially I want to theme BBPress. The problem is that the theme needs to be apart of the WordPress theme (I created) so that if you install the theme, and you have bbpress installed it will be able to use that theme instead of default which I think is a theme compatible … theme

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    This is definitely be possible. There’s a fair bit of work involved, but I re-wrote most of the bbpress templates from the ground up for my new site using the bbpress functions included in the plugin as well as a few custom ones I wrote myself.

    Just install bbpress, set it to theme compatibility settings, then take over the css and template files in your theme directory.

    CSS goes in yourtheme/css

    Base bbpress page types go in yourtheme directory (archive-forum, archive-topic, single-forum, single-topic, single-topic-edit, single-reply-edit, and single-user are the most important ones)

    All the sub-templates (content, loops, forms, and pagination) goes in yourtheme/bbpress

    Using this as a general guide you can rebuild bbpress from the ground up to suit your needs. Check out my bbpress enabled theme at

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