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Is BBPress Still Current for 2019 & Beyond?

  • theatereleven


    I typically use Discourse for my forums, but would like to set one up in WordPress directly. I know BBPress has stood the test of time and is hard core WordPress, used by people like Elliot for AdvancedCustomFields support.

    But is development planned for the future? I just don’t want to sink a lot of time into something that isn’t going to be supported. I’d gladly pay for BBPress… Whatever. Just want to know there’s a future.

    For example. in this box I can’t add an image via a simple paste in. That’s a big deal for support forums where screenshots are used.

    Thanks anyone for advice on this!

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  • Robin W


    As the ‘about’ page says ‘We’re keeping things as small and light as possible while still allowing for great add-on features through WordPress’s extensive plugin system.’

    so bbpress will be maintained, but their will not be lots of features added – many are provided by others eg

    Private groups This Plugin creates unlimited private forum groups
    bbp style pack Lets you style bbpress, and add display features
    bbp topic count Adds any combination of topics, replies and totals under the authors avatar in topics and replies
    bbp profile information Adds up to 4 fields to the bbp user profile and displays any combination of these under the authors avatar in topics and replies
    bbp user ranking Lets you add ranking and badges to topics and replies and profiles
    bbP Toolkit Swiss knife tweaking and hacking Toolkit for bbPress. Set global options and style your forums.
    bbpress sort topics/replies Sort topic replies in ascending or descending order for each bbPress Topic. You can choose to save setting for each topic, for the whole Forum or set globally for every Topic
    bbPress Genesis Extend Provides basic compatibility with bbPress and the Genesis Framework with a few extra goodies
    bbPress – Moderation Tools Add the ability to moderate and approve new topics and replies in bbPress
    bbP Signature This plugin adds user signature support to bbPress
    bbPress2 BBCode This plugin adds support for popular bbcode forum code to posts, comments, pages, bbpress forums and buddypress activity and group forums.
    GD bbPress Attachments Implements attachments upload to the topics and replies in bbPress plugin through media library and adds additional forum based controls.
    bbPress Go To First Unread Post Allows registered bbPress users to quickly jump to the first unread post in a topic
    bbPress Topics for Posts Replace the comments on your WordPress blog posts with topics from an integrated bbPress install
    Inline Image Upload for BBPress Upload inline images to BBPress forum topics and replies.
    bbpress Simple Advert Units Insert advert units (such as adsense or Amazon widgets) into your bbpress forum.
    bbPress – Private Replies A simple plugin to allow your bbPress users to mark their replies as private.
    bbPress Messages bbPress Messages – User Private Messages with notifications, widgets and media with no BuddyPress needed.
    bbP Move Topics Move topics from one forum to another, convert post/comments into topic/replies in the same site.
    bbp user online status A WordPress plugin to show user online/offline statuses in bbpress topics and replies
    bbp-valoration Adds thumbsup, visits and replies count to topics on bbpress, display results on a widget.
    BBP Auto-Close Topics BBP Auto-Close Topics will automatically close bbPress topics after an admin-specified time period.
    bbResolutions bbResolutions, will let you set topic resolutions (Resolved, Not resolved and Not a question).
    Inline Image Upload for BBPress Upload inline images to BBPress forum topics and replies
    bbPress Advanced Statistics Achieve phpBB / vBulletin-esque statistics for your bbPress Forum
    bbPress Custom Email Notifications Modify subscription emails sent to users
    Canned Replies Let’s moderators and keymasters create standard replies and use these in responses
    BBP Improvements for yoast This is a very simple but very helpful tool to help yoast wordpress seo support bbpress better.
    bbPress GDPR bbPress GDPR plugin extends new Data Export & Data Erasure feature bundled with WordPress 4.9.6 Release.
    AsynCRONous bbPress Subscriptions Amends how bbpress sends emails

    This may or may not suit what you require

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