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Is bb_enqueue_script really needed?

  • What exactly is this function in the header used for? I realize it outputs javascript, but I can’t figure out what exactly the javascript is used for.

    I removed it.. everything seems to be working fine, but I’m confused what the point of it is?

    I’ve also noticed by looking at a trace of the MySQL logs that whatever the javascript is doing is hitting the server 3 times extra on every pageload, which is pulling a whole lot of extra sql queries.

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  • _ck_


    It adds the (half-dozen) ajax scripts to topic pages.

    Doesn’t affect other pages from what I can see.

    In theory it’s very necessary, can’t delete topics without it since there is no non-ajax fallback from what I can see. Also things like adding/removing favorites within a topic.

    You can reduce mysql queries by pre-loading all options in one fetch at startup. Try this un-documented option in config.php

    $bb->load_options = true;

    personally I can’t wait ’til they stop using prototype.js since it’s HUGE for the few functions they access

    then there is add-load-event which is 200 or so bytes but not combined with any other script so it forces yet another external file load

    Adding / removing favorites works fine for me with the ajax disabled. Deleting topics works as well, it just doesn’t prompt you before.

    Thanks for the heads-up on the option… I’ll check that out.



    Interesting, you are right that it still works when removed, just refreshes the page instead of ajaxed.

    I get a white screen redirect when I delete or undelete a topic but that’s probably my over-hacked template and something critical I removed… hmm…

    Is prototype even needed since we have/use jquery now? If so, let’s dich prototype??

    jQuery is there but not everything uses jQuery yet. You could speed things along by rewriting the prototype code for jQuery if you like.

    Well eeuuhh, first I would have to know which part uses prototype and where that code is.

    And then I would have to learn to code properly :D

    Any1 know if it is even planned to switch interly to jQuery? It would save some useless script loading :) (and I would have to rewrite my bbMenu plugin, but I was planning to do that anyway)

    I think switching entirely is planned.

    So far I’ve had no issues with removing the javascript entirely… sure, administration functions aren’t quite as pretty, but it’s a lot less load on the server.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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