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Is anyone else having weird cookie issues here?

  • chrishajer


    The past couple weeks, I have noticed that nearly every time I access the forums here at I need to log in. It didn’t used to be like that. It seemed like the cookie lasted for months.

    When I look at the cookies after logging in here, I have two bb_org session cookies, plus:

    name: bb_org_user

    value: chrishajer

    There is no bb_org_pass cookie.

    When I look at cookies for a non-integrated install, I see:

    name: bb_user_838717f68fe05f4ed4c22bc08ae180c8

    value: chrishajer

    name: bb_pass_838717f68fe05f4ed4c22bc08ae180c8

    value: 6429e15ef02ba9f2d7a89cab0ed845a4

    (values slightly obfuscated)

    Any idea what’s going on? It’s no problem to just log in again, but it wasn’t like that before, and I don’t think it’s intended to work like this.

    I cleared all the domain cookies and logged in again, but the cookies are the same. Anyone else seeing the same thing? BTW, using Firefox on Windows XP.

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  • _ck_


    I think they are trying to integrate/convert the main site to the new cookie method which is more secure and it’s affecting here.

    I just hack the cookie and change the expire time to 2018 and that solves the re-login ;-)

    yep, same problem here:

    I think i found the problem: I’am logged in but bbPress just don’t show it… but i haven’t tested it enough so wait a little bit and probably I can say more…



    I just ran into the problem, they must be fiddling.

    Delete all your cookies and you’ll be able to log in again.

    Here’s a bookmarklet to zap cookies for just the site you are on it if you don’t want to search through your settings:

    (just make sure it’s in your window when you run it)



    I’ve never had a problem logging in. The only thing new was that I was required to log in, which is not normal when you’re here daily. So I started looking at the actual cookies, and they look weird. I’ve cleared the cookies and checked, then logged in an checked again. Something is weird, so if they’re working on it, that’s fine. Just thought I would mention it.

    Sam Bauers


    I can confirm that the cookie format has changed. But I’m not sure when it happened. Clearing your cookies and then logging in again will fix this.

    The maximum length these cookies will last is 2 weeks. This is set in the cookie contents, not just on the cookie expiry time.

    If you *really* want to extend the cookie expiration then you can edit the contents of your cookie as well, the contents look something like this…


    …or this…


    …depending on your browser.

    If you set a distant expiry time on the cookie and also edit the second chunk of the cookie (which is an epoch time) to some high number you can get a fairly persistent cookie.



    Sam, clearing the cookies and logging in again has most certainly not fixed the problem (see both my replies). I do that daily and am asked to log in again daily. I’m not concerned with hacking the cookie to make it last more than two weeks, I just want it to last more than one browser session. Something is not right and I’m curious what it is.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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