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Is all the "loop" files necessary?

  • CC-Cailin


    I am integrating bbpress files into my own wordpress theme. But, I don’t get why there is so many loop files?

    “content-archive-forum.php” links to “loop-forums.php”, and inside that, it links to “single-forum.php”.
    Why on earth is there one loop linked to another, and then another, and then another? It sees confusing to me…

    Can’t I just leave out files like “loop-forums.php” and add that code directly in “content-archive-forum.php and do the same with the other files? Or is it necessary to keep them broken up?

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  • John James Jacoby


    Yes, you can! The reason they’re parted out in bbPress is to make it easier to override specific template parts in a child theme, rather than needing to write a complete theme. Also, some parts are reused in several places, such as loop-forums.php and loop-topics.php, so they are parted out to reduce duplication.

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