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  • Kevin Ryman


    You probably haven’t miss anything… :/



    You mean the “weekly” IRC triages?

    Last one was over 11 weeks ago mate.



    There have not been any that I know of. If there’s interest, we can meet there ourselves. Email me at chrishajer [at] gmail [dot] com and we’ll get something going.



    If there’s interest

    There’s not interest? What happened?

    Gautam Gupta


    I think there is a lot of interest in bbpress, but I am betting that Matt and all the others are slammed busy with the WP3.0 release and trying to make sure everything works with the WP/MU merge, and bussypress – which is fine with me – it’s very important not to break the million of WP blogs when the updates become available.

    Hopefully enough independent developers will work on bbpress plugins and themes to add some spark to it, and the interest will continue to grow. I am sure that buddypress will continue to grow and that will spur even more interest in bbpress plugin development as well.

    It would be nice to get a semi-weekly – (every two weeks) blog post from matt and then we could all add comments and have it grow from there – it may be more productive than the IRC meets.



    I personally have no issue with Matt, or any of the other Automattic folks, focussing on the WP3.0 release (or any of the other balls they’re juggling) just now. Also i totally understand that any form of communication on these forums from Matt, or any of the other Automattic folks, leads to a rush of posting from people both on and off topic but… Leaving it with “I just want to quit the whole project” is somewhat poor.

    That aside, i’ll be home first week in April, if we want to have an IRC meeting, can see where we’re up to etc. It appears that Gautam and a few others have submitted a number of patches in my first few weeks away.

    Take Care folks



    Well… I am not very active in this forum because my english isn´t very good. But what i´ve read in the linked forum thread (Gautam) worries me a bit. For me it looks like the project going to it´s end. There´s no developement since month and Matts statement somehow reiterated this. I like bbPress very much, because there´s no forum plugin for wp which has such a performance as bbPress. Okay, i know bbPress isn´t a plugin but with the wp-integration it is really an alternative. Maybe a statement about bbPress future would be nice.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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