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iPad users lose screen after 12 lines in a post

  • coskel22


    Very bizarre – using theme Twenty Twelve, WP 4.0 and bbpress 2.5.4

    all iPad users are experiencing an issue when creating a new post. At line 12 of a new post, the post window falls below the screen real estate and they have to wait for it to “bounce” to bring up more of the text field to type in.

    Its only happens on iFroot devices such as iPad and iPod, not on Mac desktop users. Not to a specific browser, its happening across all browsers.

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  • I’m sitting here on a beautiful sunny afternoon in Melbourne typing this on my iPad…

    The above was line # 1, this would be line #3,
    line #4,
    line #5

    line #7

    line #9

    line #10,
    line #11,
    line #12,
    line #13,
    line #14,

    This “should” work fine and I’ve not heard of this before, can you test this with a WordPress default theme or two, Twenty Fourteen and Twenty Thirteen, I expect this to be a theme issue with whatever theme your using rather than a bbPress issue.



    I’m using Twenty Twelve, which is a default theme.
    Thanks for checking this for me.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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