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“Invalid post type” when doing filter/search

  • lesles08


    At certain points searching/filtering/sorting in the admin for bbpress custom post types (topics, replies, forums) I get a white screen with the error “Invalid post type.” It appears in the URL that it might be resending the post type which is creating an array so in the url it says &post_type=array& which is throwing the error.

    Is there any way to fix this? We are trying to sift through many many topics to do some edits on a forum that we are migrating and need better ways to find posts in the admin. Any input as to where to fix it or if it is even fixable would be greatly appreciated.

    WP version: 5.0.3
    bbPress version: 2.5.14
    Site: (it’s locked down private but this is an admin issue)
    Theme: Divi Child theme
    Not sure if this is a bug so please let me know if I need to report it as such. (ie. trac ticket)

    Thank you for any input or leads in the right direction!

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  • Robin W


    If you can – I’d try it with a standard theme (eg twentyxx) and no other plugins and confirm that it is a bbpress issue

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