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Invalid Database Entries – Problem installing

  • Hi All,

    (Newbie) I just installed bbPress and elected to integrate with WordPress, no problem initially. I then did something stupid, I saw a path name… and thought I had created a nested set of folders with the same name in my directory. It actually was the name of the first forum. So–I deleted the installation and the corresponding page in WP and then recreated the directory, installed the files, created the page again and this time, I could not get past step one of the installation. As soon as I click step 2 it goes to my root domain. I assume that there is now an entry in the wp database for the path and I can not change it. When I try to load that page, I get the login page, however it lacks the theme but does have the description I have in the original install (so that data survived my delete) and when I click submit I get a 404 page. I don’t know what to do to reset things. Please help!!

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