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Internationalization: German language file on the way

  • Hi!

    First off all, thank you very much for this great piece of code! :-)

    We’re using bbpress as forum for our citizen journalism project “Bürgerzeitung Köln” at Because our users prefer german language, we decide to do a translation. And of course we will make it public and available for everyone.

    So, as ‘only’ 133 translations are waiting to be done, there should be a public Alpha availabe by the end of this week. It will be a “Sie”-Version, but it shouldn’t be a problems doing a “Du”-Version as well, later.

    Greetz, Sven

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  • websitedesigningindia


    If you insist on doing it this way, then it can be done by generating a .po file that will contain the English translations of the source strings.

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