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Internal Server Error (error 500) after a server upgrade

  • Laurent



    I recently upgraded my VPS from Debian 5 to Debian 6.

    Related to this were the following changes :

    PHP : 5.2.6-1 —> 5.3.3-7

    MySQL : 5.0.5a —> 5.1.49

    It was a few days ago. Apparently everything was OK.

    On my website there is a forum which is not very active so I don’t know exactly when the problems appeared but I think it must be related to this :

    Today I saw that 2 people had posted an answer to a recent topic but something went wrong : both answers are not linked to the topic and when I want to add this manually through the backoffice the topic just don’t appear in the list.

    Moreover, I tried to post answers to this topic but I immediadely get Erreur HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error). Of course the problem is the same when I try to answer to other topics.

    Any idea about what the problem is and how to solve this ?

    I’m using WordPress 3.3.2 and bbpress 2.0.2

    Thanks for your help !

    Best Regards,


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