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Intergrate muwordpress and bbpress?

  • Ok I know, another question about integration.

    I trying to intergrate Mu wordpress and bbpress and here is the thing:

    I have installed wordpress in to a folder like:

    and I also installd bbpress in to a folder like


    I have also altered in bbpress config.php


    Now when i try to access

    Wordpress wants to create a new account for the blogg and I think this is because I dont use subdomain for new blogs.

    Q1: Is it possible to intergrate bbpress with Mu wordpress?

    Q2: Do I have to use subdomains to get this to work or is it possible not to use subdomains. If so, how?

    I have to change webhotel to try subdomains so I rather wait until some of you tell me if it will work or not!

    If i dont try to integrate the functions with the

    require_once(‘../wordpress/wp-blog-header.php’); line in bbpress config.php everthing works just fine… I can use the same username and the intergration works really good untill I add the wp-blog-header.php line.

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  • A1: Yup.

    A2: Not sure.

    Q1: Why don’t you try keeping bb at instead of in a wpmu subfolder?

    Q2: Do you need to include WP, anyway?

    I just intergrated bbpress and I think thats it. You dont need anything else.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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