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integration with wordpress…

  • hi.

    everything works well but i just cant add header from wordpress. i add to my bbpress config:

    require_once( ‘../wp-blog-header.php’ )

    my directories look like this:

    /wordpress – here is the wordpress

    /wordpress/forum – here is the bbpress

    whats wrong :)?

    and i want to remove ‘views part’ .

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  • Possibly you need to go up two or three directories, since config.php is called somewhere else? I have no idea really. Just try an absolute or base URL, such as or /wordpress/wp-blog-header.php, hopefully that will work :) If it doesn’t you can probably be sure it’s something else.

    doesn’t work :( whats wrong ://

    Many people including myself have implemented the themes of bbPress and WordPress by actually making a theme in bbPress that looks like WordPress. There is information creating theme available here. As well, doing what you wanted has been tried and documented on these forums before, so I would suggest a quick search. I know so10 has a patch on his site at:

    Hope that helps!


    i did what u wrote. look at this… :

    links on the left don’t work. no header.

    What do you mean? The second link from so10? I don’t know why it didn’t work for you. Search around the forums as there are people have have gotten the integration with a wordpress theme done.

    As I stated above, I use the first link and built a theme from scratch. In my opinion, there is no real ‘easy’ way to build a theme by including a file from WP that I have found, but I will stand correctly if someone can explain to me now. Good luck!


    what can i do

    What have you done? You have to give details of what you did because I (maybe others) cannot translate what you did into a fix without you telling us what exactly you have done…..


    installed wordpress here:

    installed bbpress here:

    installed plugin which integrates registrations in wordpress and bbpress.

    i want to have same design in wordpress and bbpress, i added in my bbpress config a line require_once( ‘../wp-blog-header.php’);

    doesnt work. in my bbpress links on the left dont work too.



    Make sure that when you enter: require_once( ‘../wp-blog-header.php’);, it’s absolute path. For example: /home/username/archas/ram/wordpress/

    To find out what your absolute path is:

    1) make a file and call it path.php

    2) add this code into the path.php: <?php $p = getcwd(); echo $p; ?>

    3) upload it to your wordpress directory and access it, that will output your path.

    For more info:

    ok, i did something like that in my front site, and everything seem to be working ok, but:

    – look at forum and at wordpress- there is a little difference between them. text in forum is on the left, out from the table.

    – in my bb-admin page i have bad encoding (im polish), i have to use the unicode, dunno what bbpress uses

    how to add (activate) plugins for bbpress? i want to have display-name plugin to change moderators names :)



    There is no activation required for bbPress plugins. Just drop them into a folder called my-plugins and they start working automatically. If you don’t already have that directory, go ahead and create it in your forum root.

    in bb-admin panel, it shows only the code of php file.

    what bout other questions ?



    The first problem is in your header, you have:

    <php bloginfo('stylesheet_url'); ?>, it should be <?php bloginfo('stylesheet_url'); ?> and with the second import, I'm not sure why style.css is just floating around outside. It should be pointing to your forum so it should be: @import url(“/archas/ram/wordpress/forum/bb-templates/your themestyle.css”);`

    The second problem is you have to edit EVERY file in the template. Make a new folder in bb-templates, call it whatever you want and copy all the files from kakumei theme except for images directory into your new folder and change all the files that have <bb_get header()> to <get_header()> and don’t forget the footer and sidebar.

    The third problem is you need to style the bbpress stylesheet to match your theme…

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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