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Integration with WordPress

  • Just installed bbpress 2.0.2 in WordPress 3.3.1. I am going to want the user databases to be shared. Have read forums for hours on this issue but most deal with much older versions. I am new at WordPress so this may be simple and I am just missing it.

    An article I found on this forum indicates the following:

    In the “WordPress Integration” section of the “Settings” area in your bbPress admin you will find a “User Role Map”. I do not see a WordPress Integration section in the Settings area of bbpress. It only has a few main settings and slug stuff.

    Please advise?

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  • What do you need to do exactly?

    The users are integrated out of the box.

    My site has a forum AND may have a blog in the future. So I just wanted to be sure that users did not have to create two different logins.

    So this will occur automatically? An article I thought I read in one forum that the databases for the bbpress and wordpress users were inherently separate, unless you specifically told bbpress to use the same database as wp?

    If you are using bbPress 2.x (which you are) all the users are shared and everything is taken care of automatically – so no need to worry :)

    The article you were reading might have been for bbPress pre 2.x.

    That’s awesome! Thank you. I was trying to be proactive and research it on my own before posting the question, but the downside to that I’ve found is many of the questions/asnwers are outdated.

    No problem!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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