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Integration URL Problems

  • technokelvin


    I installed WordPress 2.7.1 first then bbPress 1.0-Alpha-6. When I first installed I set the follow settings,

    bbPress Admin – Settings – WP Integration:

    WordPress address (URL):

    Blog address (URL):

    My main admin / keymaster has to log into both WP and bbPress to access both. I want to integrate it so I can log into one and access both.

    I realized that in WP my WP URL and Blog URL, they are both the same, was set to (Without the www and /) so I changed it in the bbPress settings. You would think since both WP and bbPress now actually match things would get better? They got worse.

    I have a Maintenance Mode plugin that denies access to every page in WP (Excluding the forums since they aren’t a part of WP) unless you are logged in as an admin on the WP side. When the URL and Blog were set to I could had to log into bbPress and then WP but could see all of the WP pages.

    Now that I changed the URL to exclude the www I can now log into bbPress AND be AUTOMATICALLY logged into WP BUT I can no longer see the WP pages indicating WP doesn’t see me as an admin. Not only that but when in the WP Admin and I try to log out it gives me an error:

    You are attempting to log out of AscenDance Radio

    Please try again.

    With a link back to my admin page. It never lets me log out and only happens after I go into bbPRess Admin Panel and change the URL / Blog to match the actual URL that WP has in its settings.

    It has nothing to do with the Maintenance Mode plugin either. I take it off and try to leave a comment on a post but bbPress and WP Admin see me logged in BUT the post requires me to enter my name and email address as if it doesn’t know I’m logged in.

    So basically bbPress and WP Admin knows I’m logged in but my actual WP Site had no clue.

    When I put,


    define(‘COOKIEPATH’, ‘/’ );

    into both the wpconfig and bbpressconfig files it will no longer let me log into both WP and bbPress. If I log into WP first I can access all my WP Pages but when I try to log into bbPRess after the page just refreshes and my login information clears. If I log into bbPress first it lets me get into my WP Admin but my WP Pages can’t be access due to the plugin not recognizing I’m an admin. I also get the same error when trying to log out of the WP Admin.

    I tried only adding the cook domain / path code to ONLY wpconfig and receive the same error as mentioned in the above paragraph.

    I also just tried adding all that code from the Integration 101 8 step solution and get the same problems as mention in the big paragraph above.

    The closet I get to having it work is when I add www to all the bbPress settings. I just tried adding to the 8 step code snippet (the URL portions, I did not touch the cookie domain or any other domains) AND changing the URL and Blog to and it lets me log into both giving me access to everything I want, bbPress / WP Admin AND WP Pages as my plugin now sees me as an admin.

    The only problem is that’s not integrated login.

    Do you think if I change, in WP Admin, my URL and Blog URL to (As opposed to what it is now, it would fix the problem? I tried changing the name before and ruined my WP site and had to reinstall (Afterward I figured out I could have changed the value through myphpadmin and proceeded to cry for days). Could I ruin my WP site if I change the URL and Blog address to include www?

    Is there someway somewhere a function / cookie / database value is requiring a www and that’s why things seem to work better when I include it in my bbPress Admin Settings?

    I try to go to and it automatically redirects me to so I don’t understand why www would be needed for anything.

    I hope I was clear and concise enough to get some good help. I’ve spent over 8 hours debugging this before turning for help so anything at this point is greatly appreciated! Thanks!! :-)

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