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Integration problems – WordPress 2.8.4 to bbPress 1.0.2

  • I am looking for someone to help me with WordPress and bbPress. I have developed the wordpress site as a membership site and want to include a forum. I wasted about a month or more with SMF and couldn’t get it to work properly, so today I switched to bbPress and have it working in a iframe in one of the wordpress pages. The only problem is getting the cookies and all that to work so a person logged into the membership site can go right into the forum without having to re-log in and vice-versa.

    I installed the bbpress integration plugin and went through all the set up procedures numerous times to no avail. I also went through the “WordPress Integration settings” numerous times. I have compared both the WordPress config and bbpress config files to be sure the Auth_Key, Secure_Auth_Key and Logged_In_Keys were identical and they are.

    I have put the – define( ‘COOKIEPATH’, ‘/members/’ ); – line in the WPconfig file as instructed, but I just put it in exactly as shown here. I’m not sure if I should replace “cookiepath” with an actual path or if the word cookiepath is what they want.

    I am not a code person, but I can get along sometimes ok. sometimes not! This is a NOT day.

    Would some kind soul be able to help me with this?

    If not please steer me toward someone who can help.

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  • download and install this: then it will tell yo the right lines to put.

    Yes, I did that and put in the line as they request on that plug-in. Still doesn’t work. But this is where I was wondering about the line: define( ‘COOKIEPATH’, ‘/members/’ );

    Do I Put this in exactly as it is or do I need to change ‘COOKIEPATH’ to an actual path.

    If the line is correct as is, what else could be wrong?

    as is, as the plugin appears.

    this is all filled out correctly? /bb-admin/options-wordpress.php

    Hmmm, that’s interesting. I ftp’d the options-wordpress.php file down from the site and opened it in Dreamweaver. I recognize some of the comments in this as being from the “wordpress Integration settings as found in the Settings/Wordpress Integration tab of the Admin section of bbpress. This is where I set the “User Role Map”, WordPress Address (URL), Blog Address (URL), auth cookie salt, secure auth cookie salt, and logged in cookie salt.

    HOWEVER, when I look into the actual options-wordpress.php file (as ftp’d down from the site) and open it up, the php code still seems to be asking for those items??? I just copied a bit of the code from that file and pasted it below. Please advise,



    <th><?php _e(‘WordPress’); ?></th>


    <th><?php _e(‘bbPress’); ?></th>


















    look through your BB-press dashboard –> Settings—>wordpress intergration

    Hmmm, again. I did open up, side by side, the WordPress config file and the bbpress config file and made absolutely sure that AUTH_KEY=BB_AUTH_KEY and that SECURE_AUTH_KEY=BB_SECURE_AUTH_KEY and that LOGGED_IN_KEY=BB_LOGGED_IN_KEY. So, this may not be what we are looking for.

    I’m wondering about the “User Role Map” settings: (Below is how I set them)

    WordPress Administrator = bbPress Administrator

    WordPress Editor = bbPress Member

    WordPress Author = bbPress Member

    WordPress Contributor = bbPress Member

    WordPress Subscriber = bbPress Member

    I have both wordpress and the bbpress (FOLDER) in the members directory. So where it asks for Blog address (URL) should it be https://my_site/members/ or should it be https://my_site/members/bbpress/

    I’ve tried both ways and neither works. Just a scattered thought.

    Would the fact that I have bbPress working in a iframe in one of the wordpress pages be causing any problems?

    Okay I found a few things. I don’t know if it matters but I just try to mimic what I had. I’m not an expert.

    I don’t know if this was a factor: You didn’t have enough keys (Salts weren’t used)

    You got your keys from here:

    I got my keys from here:

    I added the new keys to both files.

    You had the COOKIEPATH in wp-config but not in bb-config (again I don’t know if it matters but I do it anyway) I copied it onto bb-config. I also moved that line to the top before anything else, just in case.

    And that was that.

    I notice you had the wrong URL to the forums (/bb-press/ instead of /bbpress/) but that was to get the cookie path and it didn’t matter either way.

    Try integrating as per this tutorial of mine on a test install :

    Just follow closely and you should be fine.

    ashfame, what about the cookie path… and the wordpress intergration option on bbpress dashboard?


    installing bbPress in a sub folder doesn’t cause any issues. I have integrated several setups like that without even using the integration plugin which has many supporters without which they can’t be integrated.

    Things may be different if bbPress isn’t installed in a sub directory as I haven’t tried that.

    ah, good to know!

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