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Integration: Doing it all wrong?

  • John James Jacoby


    I got to thinking, maybe we’re doing it all wrong.

    Rather than try to work WordPress into bbPress, why not just include the bb-config.php file inside the wp-config.php file instead.

    Viola, from what I can tell, everything works like a charm. CK, your bbCode plug-in breaks some of the WordPress tags/shortcodes though, [caption] etc…

    This way, bbpress can be directly referenced inside the entire website, and WordPress can use it’s functions AND the ones from bbPress to micromanage the login situation.

    I really need to investigate this more, but I think that I might be on to something with this whole integration issue.

    A simple plug-in could be made to include the core WordPress queries inside bbPress for pages, categories, etc… Without having to duplicate load everything inside the header, etc…

    Okay, so I just did this like 20 minutes ago and I’m a little giddy about the idea, and I’m sure there’s a myriad of reasons why this won’t work, but I think it’s a neat idea…

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  • _ck_


    I call that full or complex integration and it’s mentioned in Integration 101 and many others do it I believe, despite my advise not to (until WordPress uses BackPress like bbPress 1.0)

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