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Integrating bbPress with Premise Membership Plugin

  • rcafe


    I am using Premise 2.4 and have installed the Premise bbPress Connect plugin. I do not see how they link to each other and have been unable to have a forum work from within Premise. I have used the shortcodes to put pieces in my Premise pages, and they show up there, but as soon as I click a link, it takes me outside of the Premise site into my root site. They look different, and I don’t want this for my members.

    Is there a way to (pardon my limited use of the language) imbed the forum into my Premise site? Does anyone know how the connect plugin is supposed to work? I have not found any way to configure it to work. Any way of getting my bbPress forum to live within my Premise page is welcomed. Thank you all for your suggestions.

    Premise can be found at

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  • PatJenningsBigGloves


    Hi. I contacted Premise support about this too, as I’m trying to do the same as you – have a forum within the members-only area where members are automatically signed into forum when they log into membership site. Their Support sent me a pdf (can’t attach it here sorry) showing how to install the connector plugin and some basic things, but they admitted that they need to get a tutorial up on the site to fully explain things. So maybe ask them for this pdf and see if that helps?

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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