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Integrating bbPress with Buddypress, then setting groups to create a forum

  • Hi, I’m trying to integrate bbPress with Buddypress using the guide here:

    I have done this successfully on my localhost, but trying to do on on our host’s webspace is proving difficult.

    The integration of cookies works fine, but when I add a group to Buddypress, where is should normally say:

    “Enable discussion forum”

    It says:

    “Attention Site Admin: Group forums require the correct setup and configuration of a bbPress installation.”

    This is the part where a forum should automatically be created for the group. The passwords match up, the only difference I can see is one is using localhost and the other is using external webspace. Our host don’t allow us to set a folder to have 777 file permissions, which I thought could be the problem?

    My question is, does the bbpress folder need 777 permissions for it to integrate successfully this way, or should I be looking somewhere else for the problem?


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  • Enable pingbacks and trackbacks on both WP and BB & XML-RPC publishing protocols. It’s in the WRITING & DISCUSSION in the admin section.

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