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Integrating bbPress into an existing site

  • *note – I’m not trying to integrate bbPress into a WordPress page but rather a static page. I already have the login integration between bb and wp working.

    I’ve been able to “embed” my WordPress posts into a static web page with the help of an online tutorial using PHP includes. Basically, on the page that you want to have WordPress embedded in, you paste:

    <?php require(‘../../../blog/wp-blog-header.php’); ?>

    into the very top of the page above the DTD, and then paste The Loop wherever you want your posts to appear.

    What I’d like to do is the exact same thing except with bbPress. I’ve tried applying the same basic principle as described as above, but am pretty much stuck and can’t get anything except errors to appear.

    Here’s what my code looks like at this point. I’ve used the header file from the kakumei templates folder as that’s the only header file I can find. At the very top above the DTD;

    <?php require(‘../../../forums/bb-templates/kakumei/header.php’); ?>

    Now I’ve searched high and low for anything talking about “The Loop” (or it’s equivalent) in bbPress but have found zip. The closest things I have seen have been inside the bbPress/index.php and forum.php files, which I pasted and tested each separately into the area that I wanted to have the forums appear, but with no positive results.

    If anyone knows how to do this properly I will be grateful.

    Thank you

    Adam Lawton

    *The page where I found the WordPress integration tutorial is:

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