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Integrating BBPress in WordPress

  • If someone could help me out on an issue that I have been trying to resolve. I am trying to integrate bbpress into wordpress as many others have in the past. I have successfully kept the header and footer of wordpress as well as kept all css information from wordpress. However, I have lost all formatting of BBpress and well you just have to take a look at it.

    click on the forums tab in the header and you will see. Any ideas of how I can get the formatting back or at least columns and the forum feel would be greatly appreciated.

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  • mr_pelle


    You just have to add bbPress CSS to WP header, I suppose.

    Well thank you both for your responses. I ended up getting frustrated with it, both wordpress and bbpress. As they both want to work as their own individual platform, I could not get them to communicate the way that I needed. Nor, at least copy the theme over to make it a fluid site. I ended up deleting the whole site and I’ll start from scratch with maybe Phpnuke and PhpBB since they can be integrated. Just a pain to configure the way I want.

    Basically, I like the ease of WordPress, however, it lacks certain functionality even with all the widgets. BBPress, is new, I’d like to see a functional WYSIWYG editor, the ability to private message, and integrate it into a wordpress site using the same css styles and mainly the header. Right now, its too obvious that you are navigating to two different sites and it lacks a certain possession.


    There are plugins for both private messaging and a WYSIWYG editor.

    BBPress does work well with WordPress, better than any other forum software. What people like you fail to understand is that whilst, relatively, integrating BBPress with WordPress is easy, it is not something a basic WordPress user who does not have any knowledge of PHP should really do, unless you are prepared for the challenge and prepared that you mgiht not be able to do it.

    Regarding themes, you need to edit the BBPress theme you are using. You need to add the Get_Header and Get_Footer tags of your WordPress theme to your BBPress theme files. If you wish to use a sidebar you will need to reference the sidebar too.

    You then need your Forum to fit in the Wrapper of your WordPress theme, you do this by referencing the wordpress themes CSS wrapper in the BBPress themes files, using div tags.

    You also need to then make sure a copy of your BBPress CSS is in the same directory as your wordpress CSS, you then need to reference the BBPress CSS in your wordpress header.

    If you know what you’re doing with web design then those steps should be fairly easy to follow. At the end of the day, a certain level of expertise is required to integrate BBPress with WordPress.

    I have managed it, you can see the result at:


    As you can see, both the WP site and the BBPress forum use the same theme.

    Personally, I think if you are already looking to phpNuke then WordPress is probably not for you. I personally think phpNuke is the poor mans WordPress, it’s gimmicky and performs poorly, but if that’s what you find easiest then it’s whatever you think is best :)

    That’s exactly the tutorial I followed. Worked perfectly.

    And that’s exactly what I wrote ;)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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