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Integrating Aggrss into bbPress theme?

  • I use aggrss to do syndication of my own website’s RSS feeds to the front page (OncTalk) and I want to be able to do the same thing on my bbPress theme (which is nearly identically to my WordPress theme). I’ve setup integration between the two theme systems, and I know it works becuase all of my WordPress Conditional tags and things I’m using in my bbPress theme are working, but when I put in aggrss, I get this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get() in /usr/home/josh/domains/ on line 127

    When looking up the code on that, I didn’t seen anything blatantly obvious that would cuase a screw up, but im still a beginner at this.

    This is the code around line 127 from aggrss.php:

    (From line 123-131)

    function aggrss($rssurl,$striptags=false,$num=0) {

    global $lastRSS;

    $lastRSS->CDATA= ($striptags) ? “strip” : “content” ;


    if ($aggr = $lastRSS->Get($rssurl))

    return $aggr;


    return 0;


    Full view of the code can be found here.

    Any help in getting this fixed/solved would be much appreciated.

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  • It can’t find the function get() because no such function exists – unless you’re sure it exists in your wordpress plugins or something? Are you sure that’s the function you want to be calling in that template file on line 127?

    I’m not sure exactly what your asking. I copied and pasted the code in my WordPress template into my bbPress template. Works fine in WordPress, gives me the above error in bbPress.

    The code I used was:

    if ($rs = aggrss(''))
    // dump the structure
    //echo "<pre>";
    //echo "</pre>";
    echo "<a href='" . $rs[link] . "' style='color: #000000; font-weight: bold;' >" . $rs[title] . "</a>";
    echo $rs[description] . "<br />";

    foreach ($rs['items'] as $item)
    echo "<p><a href='" .$item['link']. "'>" . $item['title'] . "</a><br/>" .html_entity_decode($item['description']). "</p>";
    if ($rs['items_count'] <= 0) { echo "Sorry, no items found in the RSS file <img src='' alt=':-(' class='wp-smiley' /> "; }
    echo "<!-- It's not possible to reach RSS file -->";

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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