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integrate to a different WordPress

  • My situation is this: I have two WP installations both oıf which require BBPRESS. So I installed bbpress_1 on WP_1 and did the integration. Everything works fine. My second WordPress installation WP_2 takes its users from WP_1. So in the config.php file for bbpress_2 I gave the info for WP_1. I installed the integration plugin to WP_2. But the integration does not work with bbpress_2.

    My guess about what’s going on is this. WP_2 bbpress integration uses the user table from WP_2 as well (as could be expected) But since WP_2 uses the table from WP_1, its own user table which bbpress_2 uses to integrate is empty, hence no integration.

    Could this be the problem and how do I get around it?

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  • What I would try is getting bbpress site 2 using the WP 1 users directly. Try using the cookie information from the docs:

    If bbPress is not installed in a subdirectory of your WordPress install, you’ll probably need to adjust both bbPress’ and WordPress’ cookies to meet your specific requirements. Below is a brief outline of the variables and constants that control the cookie behavior in the two programs.

    PHP bbPress WordPress

    name $bb->usercookie USER_COOKIE

    name $bb->passcookie PASS_COOKIE

    path $bb->cookiepath COOKIEPATH

    path $bb->sitecookiepath SITECOOKIEPATH

    domain $bb->cookiedomain COOKIE_DOMAIN


    It can be done, because wordpress, bbpress and wordpress MU all use the same user table because you can login to all 3 sites with the same information and user table (3 different bbpress installs).


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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