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intalled ok and created forum but page won't bring up forum

  • I installed the bbpress okay without incident. I created a forum, looked at it in preview, updated it so the forum was created. I created a page so the permalink would show the same as the forum but it won’t pull up the identical url. I manually entered it. Not working. Any suggestions. I just need to link a menu tab/button to my forum. Wondering why the settings doesn’t create the page and link it.


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    you don’t actually need to create any pages, actually that would cause a url collision problem.

    Fully delete the page and empty the trash

    Go into the admin > forums, make sure you like the settings and click save.

    Go into the admin > permalinks and click save.

    Now your forums should show up just fine.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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