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  • sruddy


    So far all I can do is add a forum. I have one forum which I would like to have sub forums. I’m guessing the way to do this is to add sticky posts for the sub forums, but I don’t know how to accomplish that, neither on the front or back end. Also is there a manual that explains things like this? Also under forum attributes what’s the difference between a forum and a category?
    Thank you,

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  • Robin W


    a category is just a bunch of forums, so if you create a ‘forum’ as a category then it has no topics or replies of it’s own, but has forums belonging to it

    forums can also have sub forums, but will have topics/replies of it’s own.

    in dashboard>forums>all forums>edit forum> and edit a forum

    if you look on the right hand side you will see forum attributes and under that ‘parent’ where you set the parent to make a forum a sub forum – by setting it’s parent to the category or forum you want it to belong to.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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