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Installing Plugins

  • I’m new at bbpress so please bare with me.

    I’ve searched and read the plugin instructions and I can’t figure out how to get the plugins workin.

    I created the my-plugins directory and added the plugins inside and yet nothing. Is there supposed to be a plugins management area in the admin? How are they activated? I’m confused.

    I’m trying to add the following plugins (instructions included):

    allow images = Add the allow-images.php file to bbPress’ my-plugins/ directory.

    post notifications = Add notification.php to your /my-plugins/ directory.

    bb-ratings = Add bb-ratings.php, bb-ratings.css, bb-ratings.js, and star.gif to your /my-plugins/ directory.

    None of them seem to be available

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  • Some of the plugins require you to edit files for them to show up.

    You need to read the entire instruction/installation materials. (It gets really easy with a bit of experience).

    Yeah I read the whole readme on each of those plugins, none of which needed additional configuration.

    Make sure you use the image plugin correctly. Images need the following syntax:

    <img src=”linktoimage” alt=”image description” />

    Well allow images seems to be working but post notifications and bb-ratings are no where to be seen.

    Could someone answer one questions? Do plugin just work? In WP they have to be activated.



    What version bbPress are you running? The trac version has a plugin activation like WP, but the .81 version does not. You just install them into my-plugins and they start working.

    I’m running .81 but its weird cuz 4 out of the 6 plugins I’ve installed are working.

    allow-images = working

    quicktags = working

    fix-bbpress = working

    simple-onlinelist = working

    bb-ratings = not working

    post-notification = not working

    Scratch that, post notification is also working. So bb-rating is the one that is giving me a head ache.

    Has anyone else installed this plugin? Is it working for you? How did you install it? The instructions say to

    Add bb-ratings.php, bb-ratings.css, bb-ratings.js, and star.gif to your /my-plugins/ directory.

    But it doesn’t seem to show up on the site. Is there anything else I need to do to activate it.


    bbRatings needs you to edit system files to include the tag code into them. Once you add these tags, it will work. I also am struggling with bbRatings, and would love to get a snippet of code that made us of the bb_top_topics() function. Anyone?

    This is the code running on

    I edited the topic.php file and added:

    <table align=”left”>



    Overall Post Rating:

    <td><?php bb_rating();?></td>

    How do you rate this post?   


    <td><?php bb_rating_dingus(); ?></td>



    Hope that helps.

    Wow, my code doesn’t really look as bad as that <s>.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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