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Installing Plug In’s for BBpress

  • Greetings,

    I am a new WP and BBpress user.. I have read through a few other threads here regarding similar issues.. I am tryign to install the “allow-images.php” plug in for a BBpress… I have created the my-pluguns folder in the root of BBpress and placed the “allow-images.php” file in that folder. My understanding is the next step should be to activate the plugin…..

    Do i do that in the admin section of the forum? or admin section of WP?

    I cannot see a plugins section on the forum side of BBpress.. I am familiar with installing plugins on regular WP…. Am i missing something here? If i am.. Where in BBpress admin is the plugin section?

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  • As i was going through some other threads. I found this

    could that be my problem? the admin ID (keymaster) was given a custom title just recently as yesterday…..

    I have the same problem…



    If you don’t have access to the bbPress admin, or you can’t see the plugins link once you’re in the admin, it’s possible you’re not the keymaster.

    @demonicrock – what version of bbPress and WordPress did you install?

    hmmm.. that might be the problem then.. I am using an administrator ID, but someone else orig set it up and has the original admin (keymaster) ID.. Thought all permissions were the same… Is there a way to make additional ID’s with same permissions as the orig admin (keymaster) ID?

    I have the latest versions of both WP and BBpress..

    thx for the reply



    You have to be a KEYMASTER to see the advanced settings/plugins menu in bbPress

    A regular administrator in bbPress only has slightly more rights than a moderator.

    If you are already the keymaster (and user #1) and still can’t see the plugins section, perhaps try this plugin to fix it:

    (it’s an auto-load plugin so it doesn’t need activation)

    Ok! Thanks CK!……

    oh, is there any way to make a few of the administrators “keymasters” as well so that they will have same access as user#1 admin ID?



    Yes, a keymaster can make other members keymasters, just edit their profile and change level.

    Just remember you are giving 100% access to those people.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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