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Installing BBPress on a WordPress website.

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    I have a wordpress “blog” that I’m using for my website, and I would like install bbpress on a seperate page so people can communicate. Is there a way to install bbpress almost like its just another page in wordpress? bbPress sounds great and I’m excited to use it but I’m just not sure how to impliment it on and already existing wordpress blog.

    Any help or advice is appreciated,


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  • You can’t install in such a way that ‘Forum’ will be automagically listed under your pages and appear in your WP theme.

    However, you can install so that it uses the same user database. You can also add ‘Forum’, say, to your pages list and have it redirect to the actual forum (using a WP Page redirection plugin). You can also make the theme such on bb that it looks just like your wp theme, or use the wp header – trickier, but fairly well documented around here.


    There is really no solution for that ?

    It’s a pitty to have a WP companion forum and been unable to really use it….



    There is absolutely a solution for it: fel64 explained it above. bbPress is not a forum plugin for WordPress, it’s standalone forum software. It’s configurable enough that you can use the same login and password from WordPress, you can create a link to it from you WordPress installation, and you can style it to look just like a WordPress page. You can even use bbPress functions in WordPress, and vice versa. The thing is, you have to do some work. But at least it’s possible to make it look like your WordPress site. Try that with phpBB or some other forum software.

    If you look around these forums you will see many examples of installations where the bbPress installation is formatted to look exactly like the WordPress blog.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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