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Installed with WP, but with issues…

  • Have searched all over this forum for solutions to these, but none of the suggestions worked for me.

    Have installed bbpress along side a WP installation under a sub folder. Added Options -MultiViews to .htaccess.


    1) Cannot access the admin page… have tried logging out & flushing cookies, but clicking Admin always gives me a white blank page. No plugins installed, and perms are all 755.

    2) Logging into WP site doesn’t log into blog & vice versa. Have added the cookie info to the config and they match the wp config. If it matters, there was no security salt reported on my system (for some reason) but installer said that was ok to leave it blank so I did.

    Anyone want to tackle this? Can _feel_ the power of bbpress, but these basic issues make it a PITA! :O

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  • I would double check here to make sure you have all the correct settings.

    So that page is current? It appeared to me that it was a bit out of date with the references to pre-1.0, but hey, glad it works!

    So that solves 2) Awesome! Am still seeing 1)

    Thinking this is an .htaccess issue. Is there a current link for what should appear in the .htaccess file? Still getting blank page anytime I click on Admin or access an admin page manually (via url).

    : Have tried

    – Deleting cookies

    – Flushing cache

    – various long & convoluted .htaccess files found here.

    Have installed to a subdir of my root wp installation, dir is named forum.

    Here is my current .htaccess for bbpress:

    # BEGIN BBPress
    <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteBase /forums/
    Options +MultiViews
    # END BBPress

    Almost there! :)

    Sorry, that’s:

    # BEGIN BBPress
    <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteBase /forum/
    Options +MultiViews
    # END BBPress

    Feel am getting closer to a publishable bbPress install! Woot!

    In addition to the above fact cannot access Admin area (# 1 above), noticed another strange issue, possibly related to #1 above.

    1. All the page titles in the forum are: “Page Not Found” despite the page loading fine. Guess this is also an .htaccess issue?

    It’s been over a week and i’ve tried everything suggested from every related post here.

    Still get a blank page when trying to reach _any_ bbp admin page.

    “Page Not Found” title for non-main-page forum page titles.

    Looking in bb-config.php again… maybe overlooked sometthing.

    I hate to reply to myself, but just throwing this up here in case anyone else had similar issues.

    Turns out the blank admin page was due to the wp integration include in the bb-config.php. Commenting that out allowed me to see the admin pages, but of course, now bbp is not integrated into my wp site…

    I restarted… the only thing remains is the wonky current_page_item issue. Going to post separately on this, as it’s not exactly bb specific (more .htaccess specific, but I’m a monkey with .htaccess & regex)

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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