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Installation without WordPress?

  • Bruce


    I assume that bbPress can be installed without WordPress. However, is there documentation for the process especially the MySQL setup?

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  • Robin W


    sorry no, bbpress only works as a plugin within wordpress.



    bbPress is a popular forum software that is designed to integrate seamlessly with WordPress. While it is primarily intended to be used as a WordPress plugin, it is technically possible to install bbPress without WordPress. However, this is not a recommended or officially supported use case.

    bbPress relies on various WordPress functions, libraries, and database tables to function properly. Therefore, attempting to install bbPress as a standalone application without WordPress may lead to compatibility issues and limited functionality.

    Regarding the documentation for setting up bbPress without WordPress, it’s important to note that the official bbPress documentation primarily focuses on its usage as a WordPress plugin. Since installing bbPress without WordPress is not the recommended approach, there may not be official documentation specifically addressing this scenario.

    If you still want to proceed with installing bbPress without WordPress, you can try the following general steps:

    Download bbPress: Visit the official bbPress website ( and download the latest version of bbPress.

    Set up a web server: Install and configure a web server (such as Apache or Nginx) on your server or local machine.

    Set up PHP: Install PHP and configure it to work with your web server.

    Set up a MySQL database: Install and configure a MySQL database server. You will need to create a new database for bbPress and a user with appropriate privileges.

    Create the necessary directories: Create a directory on your server or local machine where you want to install bbPress.

    Extract bbPress: Extract the contents of the bbPress download package into the directory you created.

    Configure bbPress: Open the config.php file located in the bbPress directory and modify the database connection settings to match your MySQL setup.

    Set up the necessary tables: bbPress requires specific database tables to function correctly. You may need to manually create these tables using MySQL commands or import an existing schema if available.

    Configure your web server: Set up the necessary configuration directives in your web server to point to the bbPress installation directory.

    Access bbPress: Once you’ve completed the above steps, you should be able to access bbPress by visiting the appropriate URL in your web browser.

    It’s important to note that this process may require advanced technical knowledge and troubleshooting skills. Since this is not the intended use case for bbPress, you may encounter various compatibility issues or limitations along the way.

    If you’re looking to create a standalone forum application, there are other forum software options available that are specifically designed to work independently without relying on WordPress, such as phpBB or Discourse. It may be more suitable to explore those alternatives for your needs.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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